2020 Boating Classes
Conducted by the Detroit Power Squadron

(Membership not required, all of our classes are open to the public)
Covid-19 Update = All 2020 calendar year courses have been cancelled, for 2021 classes please contact us at  education@americasboatingclubofdetroit.com

America’s Boating Course – 3 Locations

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Location = Total Sports Entertainment
Harrison Township: 40501 Production Dr, 48045
Thursdays@7pm ; Mar 12th – Apr 9th (5 sessions)
*** CANCELLED due to Covid-19 ***

Location = Detroit Yacht Club
Detroit: 1 Riverbank Dr, Detroit, 48207 (Belle Isle)
Saturdays@9:30am; March 28th – Apr 4th (2 sessions)
*** CANCELLED due to Covid-19 ***

Location = KEANS Marina
Detroit: 100 Meadowbrook St, Detroit, 48214
Wednesdays@7pm; Apr 22nd – May 20th (5 sessions)
*** CANCELLED due to Covid-19 ***

Advanced Grades & Electives

Boat Handling – 1 Location (course description, click here)
*** CANCELLED due to Covid-19 ***

Location = Detroit Yacht Club
Detroit: 1 Riverbank Dr, Detroit, 48207 (Belle Isle)
Wednesdays@7pm beginning Sept 2,2020
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Contact : Vincent A. Cooley (313-821-0397)


P/C Vincent A. Cooley, JN
Squadron Educational Officer


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Where Do I Start?

Since we offer a wide range of courses and seminars, you have lots of choices. You can take advantage of any course or seminar you want. Need help? We can help you decide where to start. Read on.

If you are a beginning boater, you might want to start with America’s Boating Course (ABC) or Seamanship. ABC will also fulfill your state’s requirement for an approved boating course so you can legally operate a boat. Seamanship goes further, and gives you a fuller understanding of boating knowledge and techniques.

If you are interested in getting around on longer trips, then you’ll want to take our in-depth piloting and navigation courses. You should take them in order: Piloting and then Advanced Piloting for making your way in charted waters like large lakes, bays, and near shore gulf and ocean boating. Also you may be interested in electronic navigation tools with our Electronic Navigation course. If you want even more, then learn celestial navigation with our Junior Navigation and Navigation courses, aimed at offshore long-distance boating.

If you have a boat, or if you are thinking of getting one, you’ll want one of our operations and maintenance courses: Engine Maintenance, Marine Electrical Systems, or Marine Communication Systems.

Want to know more about Weather, Sail boating, or Cruise Planning? We have those, too. Check out all our courses, on the left.

Want your education in short, quick hits? Take some of our many seminars in a wide range of topics. Categories include boat handling, navigation, facing the environment, safety, techniques, and hands-on training. Explore more in Seminars !