Newsletter – The Dumping Grounds

The Newsletter for the Detroit Power Squadron is called The Dumping Grounds, and is assembled by editor Lt Dara Brooks, P.

The Dumping Grounds, was started in the late 1940’s shortly after World War II. Named for that special area on our Lake St. Clair charts near the intersection of the Detroit River and the shipping channel where garbage and trash was taken and dumped. An appropriate name because it was well known to our fellow boaters and because the intention was to dump into our newsletter information of interest to the boater enthusiast in the area.

In its original form the issues were mimeographed and printed only when enough information had been gathered to warrant a publication. With the passage of time and the tremendous growth of the squadron it became necessary to issue the Dumping Grounds as a regular monthly publication. As time marched on and printing innovations took hold the publication changed to reflect the times. By the 1980s it was professionally printed in full color and booklet style containing a large number of photographs. As the internet grew the publication went electronically to our membership and was even made available for viewing on our website.

This important publication has been the voice of many commander, editor and reporter. It has been a forum to discuss changes in legislation that affects the Great Lakes and boaters at large. It has been a place to honor the accomplishments and milestones of our members; human interest stories and calls for help in planning and executing squadron events. It has always been a venue to print the news of our national and district squadrons and where members can hone and share their specific interests and skills. Supported during the years through advertising some of our historical advertisers were Cooper Chris-Craft Sales, Inc.; Broedell Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Detroit Power Screwdriver Co.; Bushaw, Skillman & Stacks, Certified Public Accountants; Midwest Minerals; MacRay Marina; Fishbone’s; Platinum Yacht Brokers; America’s Finest Printing & Graphics, Inc.; Gregory Boat Co.; Covers & Tarps, Inc.; A-1 Roll Co.; Fairlane Plumbing; Michael Agnello Jewelers; Jack’s Waterfront Restaurant; and many, many more. We thank them all for their important and most appreciated support.

Through the efforts of our editors, writers and photographer this publication has gone on to win countless awards and continues to be the jewel of our squadron, district and national. It is truly a companion to our camaraderie and strong friendships.

The Dumping Grounds comes out 6 times per year.
All DPS members are welcome and encouraged to author an article.
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