How to Join

There are multiple ways you can join:

The easiest way to join us at the “Detroit Power Squadron / America’s Boating Club of Detroit”, is to simply contact us directly ;

1. Call one of the folks on our Membership Committee
Mike Murphree (membership committee) = 586-202-6295
Bill Smith (membership chairman) = 810-772-1122
2. Or simply send us an Email note with your contact info, and we will call you !
Membership =

Note – If you join us at the Detroit Power Squadron, you can attend meetings at the beautiful & historic Detroit Yacht Club !

Join online
. You can also join as a national member or cyber-member, and transfer to our squadron later if you wish. Fill out an application form and credit card info, and you will be registered to receive our national magazine and our electronic newsletter, you can save on courses and seminars, and you have all the privileges of full membership. You can also take courses locally with a squadron. Click here for the national on-line registration form –  National Registration Form.