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This is the page that answers –  “How Do I Do Things within the Squadron?”

I am a little nervous, how do I get introduced to some of the other DPS members ?
Simply attend a GM meeting at DYC the 1st Thursday of the month @ 7:30pm, or attend one of our many fun social events.
I am a little nervous, how do I get introduced to some of the other DPS members?
Simply attend a GM meeting at DYC the 1st Thursday of the month – 7:30pm.
Or attend one of our many fun Social Events.
Whether you come to the GM meeting or to a Social Event – call either one of the following people prior to the event, and we will be waiting for you and introduce you to other members!
• William (Bill) Smith – Membership Chairperson (810-772-1122)
• Mike Murphree – Membership Committee (586-202-6295)
How do I recruit & Sign Up New Members (my friends)?
To help us recruit new members, hopefully all of your boating friends – please contact our Membership Committee for application forms & current membership fees. (
How do I earn a Merit Mark?
A Merit Mark is an annual award of recognition for every year you provide service to the squadron. Only one Merit Mark may be awarded per year. Many of our members have over 25 Merit Marks for many years of service and are entitled to free membership. All you need to do is volunteer for our civic or fund raiser events.
How do I become a Vessel Safety Examiner (VSE)?
To become an examiner, you must study a 75-page manual, pass an on-line test, & perform five vessel safety inspections with a current certified examiner. For more information contact Nancy Nevins at (
How do I become a Boating Safety Class Instructor?
To become an instructor, you need to have previous teaching experience/certificate or take a certification test. For more information please contact our Educational Officer Vince Cooley (
How do I become a member of the Bridge?
To become a member of the Bridge (the government of the squadron) you should express your interest to a member of the current Bridge or to the Nominating Committee. You need to be nominated & elected. Your nomination for election is based on how active you are in the squadron and how much you have learned about how the
squadron works. This usually takes most members 2-3 years.
For more information, contact Joe Tatham of the Nominating Committee (
Here are some important links to answer many of your “How Do I …?” questions.
Find the DPS (Detroit Power Squadron) Website?
Find the DPS Facebook Page?
> Detroit Power Squadron Facebook Link
Find the District 9 (Michigan) Website?
Find the USPS (United States) National Website?
Contact Other Members or Find the DPS Roster?

Contact our DPS Officers (the Bridge)?

Become Aware & Involved in upcoming Events?

Register for Advanced Classes & Seminars?

Attend the General Membership Meetings?
o Detroit Yacht Club the 1st Thursday of every month – 7:30pm (1930hrs).
o One Riverbank Road, Belle Isle, Detroit, MI 48207

Find out what the Presentation Topic is at the next General Membership meeting?
o Check the DPS calendar 2 weeks in advance
o Or contact the commander directly Al Schwaller (
Volunteer for Charitable Events or Civic Service?
o Detroit Boat Shows Bill Smith (
o Charity Poker Fund Raisers Wendy Caldwell (
o Sprint / Splash at Lake St Clair Metropark

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